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How to Think Like a Philosopher

Posted February 2023

Frankie Boyle Meets Bernie Sanders — It’s OK To Be Angry About Capitalism

Posted February 2023

Flip Thinking – The Life-Changing Art of Turning Problems into Opportunities

Posted February 2023

In Search of the Secret to Happiness

Posted February 2023

Richard Dawkins Meets Steven Pinker

Posted October 2022

Life is Hard – How Philosophy Can Help Us Find Our Way

Posted October 2022

Slavoj Zizek – the World Turned Upside Down

Posted August 2022

Antonio Damasio Meets Noga Arikha

Posted May 2022

How Ideas Change the World

Posted April 2022

Would You Lie to Save Your Brother's life?

February 2022

Richard Dawkins on Wonder

Posted February 2022

VR and the Problems of Philosophy

Posted January 2022

John Cleese Meets Iain McGilchrist

Posted November 2021

A New Philosophy of Life

Posted November 2021

Fatima Bhutto Meets Noam Chomsky

Posted October 2021

Why Courage Matters

Posted September 2021

The Neuroscience of Meditation

Posted August 2021

Rankin - How to Die Well

Posted July 2021

Amartya Sen – Home in the World

Posted July 2021

Brian Greene – Our Search for Meaning in an Evolving Universe

Posted July 2021

Humankind – A Hopeful History

Posted July 2021

On Freedom

Posted June 2021

Life Lessons From David Hume

Posted June 2021

Richard Dawkins In Conversation With Matt Ridley

Posted May 2021

Giles Fraser Meets Adam Phillips

Posted April 2021

A Buddhist Monk’s Guide to Meditation and Happiness

Posted November 2020

Derren Brown – How To Be Happier

Posted November 2020

Richard Dawkins on the Meaning of Life

Posted November 2020

What Is Life? A Journey Through The Wonder of Existence With Sir Paul Nurse

Posted November 2020

All Culture Is One: Sculptor Antony Gormley Meets Theoretical Physicist Carlo Rovelli

Posted November 2020

Exploring The Circles of Hell - Why Dante Matters Today

Posted October 2020

What Happened to the Public Good? Michael Sandel on the Tyranny of Meritocracy

Posted August 2020

The Future According to Zizek – Wired Brains In a Posthuman World

Posted August 2020

The Virus in the Age of Madness - Bernard-Henri Levy on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted August 2020

Why We Drive – A Philosopher’s Celebration of Freedom and Risk on the Open Road

Posted August 2020

Philosopher and Activist Peter Singer on Humans and Other Animals After the COVID-19 Crisis

Posted August 2020

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks – Building a Future Worth Fighting For

Posted August 2020

Why Roger Scruton Wants Brexit: A Conservative Perspective

Posted March 2016

A Battle of Ideas: Slavoj Žižek Vs Will Self

Posted January 2017

Are Enlightenment Values Under Threat?

Posted February 2018

Richard Dawkins and Alan Lightman on Science and Religion

Posted November 2018