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A Tour of the Dark Side of Human Nature With Malcolm Gladwell

Posted August 2020

Life Lessons: Russell Brand on Happiness, Heroes and Mentors

Posted August 2020

Deborah Lipstadt: Is It Antisemitic to Criticise Israel’s politics?

Posted August 2020

Freud Lives! Zizek and Grosz on the Legacy and Future of Psychoanalysis

Posted August 2020

Caitlin Moran on Fame, Fortune and Feminism

Posted September 2019

Ai Weiwei on human rights, propaganda and artistic expression.

Posted February 2020

The Truth About British Politics

Posted November 2019

Marie Forleo Reveals How to Create Unstoppable Success

Posted September 2019

Elizabeth Gilbert on Life and Love

Posted August 2020

12 Rules for Life, An Antidote to Chaos

Posted January 2018

The New Science of Sleep and Dreams

Posted June 2019

Identity Politics, Dignity and Resentment

Posted November 2018

A new Silk Road for the 21st century

Posted January 2018

A Battle of Ideas: Slavoj Žižek Vs Will Self

Posted January 2017

Johann Hari on Addiction and Depression

Posted January 2018

Yuval Noah Harari and Natalie Portman on the Future of the World

Posted September 2018

Who Wrote Shakespeare? The Stratfordian vs Anti-Stratfordian case

Posted July 2016