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About Us

How To Academy is an organisation for people who think big. From Nobel laureates to Pulitzer Prize winners, we invite the world’s most influential voices to London to share new ideas for changing ourselves, our communities, and the world.

We host leading artists and thinkers in an unrivalled programme of public talks, debates and conferences – from Yuval Noah Harari to Natalie Portman, Emma Watson to Eric Schmidt.

We help businesses discover transformative new strategies, anticipate the future, and inspire their staff with keynotes and workshops by internationally-acclaimed economists, psychologists, politicians, and thought leaders.

We offer masterclasses live and online with experts in essential twenty-first century skills, like leadership, public-speaking, decision-making and resilience.

And we make books, podcasts and films to share insight and innovation around the world.

Our Team

John Gordon | Chairman

Vassili Christodoulou | Director

Sam Algranti | Development and Operations Lead

Nicole Wong | Events Producer

Georgia Attlesey | Head of Production


How To Academy
2 Bloombury Place
United Kingdom