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Exploring The Circles of Hell – Why Dante Matters Today

A talk by Professor John Took

64 mins watch time

Posted October 2020

Culture, Philosophy

Dante Alighieri was born in a world of moral uncertainty and political violence; and within that crucible produced meditations upon the nature of human happiness that still speak to us today. Join Professor John Took as he transports us back through the centuries to the hurly-burly world of medieval Italy, where we will meet a man whose reflections upon human wellbeing transcend time and place to speak profoundly to modern concerns. Whether you’re a Dante novice or a seasoned veteran who has already descended through each of the nine layers of the Inferno and returned to tell the tale, this evening will blend compelling scholarship with passion, insight and wisdom, illustrating the dazzlingly rich view of human nature that elevates Dante to the pantheon of the greatest of all European authors.