Suzanne Simard – Finding the Mother Tree

World-leading scientist of plant communication and intelligence Suzanne Simard reveals how she discovered the secrets of the forest.

Raised in the hardy forest communities of British Columbia, scientist Suzanne Simard overturned conventional beliefs in proving that trees and plants are connected underground by an immense web of fungal mycelia, at the centre of which lie the Mother Trees: the mysterious, powerful entities that sustain the forest.

She joins author and traveller Sophy Roberts to tell the story of a lifetime spent uncovering startling truths about trees: their perceptions, behaviours, healing capacities, language, memory and wisdom. Simard’s landmark work has been immensely influential, revealing the complex cycle of forest life – on which we rely for our existence – and offering profound lessons about resilience and kinship.

Praise for Suzanne Simard’s Finding the Mother Tree:

“Finding the Mother Tree is not only a deeply beautiful memoir about one woman’s impactful life, it’s also a call to action to protect, understand and connect with the natural world” Amy Adams

‘A scientific memoir as gripping as any HBO drama series’ Kate Kellaway, Observer

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