Owen O’Kane – How To Manage Anxiety and Stress

Owen O’Kane was an NHS Clinical Lead for Mental Health. He joined Matthew Stadlen to explore evidence-based techniques for developing a healthier perspective.

It is not necessary to sit on waiting lists and spend thousands of pounds to benefit from the insights of psychotherapy. Many of the tools from therapies including CBT, mindfulness and interpersonal therapy can be taught and practised simply and immediately.
As one of the most experienced and senior therapists in the industry, Owen O’Kane is able to distil advice into concrete, jargon-free, step-by-step guide to steer you away from harmful patterns of thought and behaviour. In his Sunday Times bestseller Ten to Zen, and forthcoming sequel Ten Times Happier, he has developed a concrete plan to help you let go of what’s holding you back and move toward health and happiness.
Owen grew up in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, experiencing first-hand the anxiety that the conflict caused. As a Catholic, he struggled with his sexuality and even tried to cure himself at Lourdes before coming to terms with it. His understanding of the mental anguishes we face stems both from his first-hand experience and his decades of practice as a therapist. In this challenging time, he spoke to broadcaster and journalist Matthew Stadlen to reveal what we can each do to alleviate our troubled minds.

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