BJ Fogg – How to Hack Your Habits

Never make a New Year’s Resolution again after hearing this podcast from the world’s most renowned expert in forming new habits –Stanford behavioural scientist, BJ Fogg.

There are entire worlds of advice on how to lose weight, how to sleep better, how to perform better on the job, how to have better sex, and every other aspect of human behaviour you might wish to change in the New Year. But we all know from bitter experience that none of these new habits last beyond February.

The week’s How To Academy Podcast will help you finally keep the promises you have made to yourself. BJ Fogg is the legendary Stanford researcher whose class inspired the founder of Instagram and whose ideas are cited by almost every guru of habit formation and behavioural change – from Tim Ferris to Robert Sutton.

He joined Matthew Stadlen to introduce a simple method empirically proven to create results for all behavioural issues – from weight loss and better sleep to quitting smoking and exercising more.

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