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Elizabeth Gilbert – On Life and Love

The author of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic joins the How To Academy podcast for an open-hearted conversation exploring all she has learned in her journey through life.

From the dive bars of the Lower East Side to the beaches of Bali, the Connecticut Christmas Tree farm where she was raised to the Mumbai ashram where she sought solace after a difficult divorce, Elizabeth Gilbert is a world traveller whose unending search for answers to life’s biggest questions have made her the voice of a generation.

Since then she has produced one critically acclaimed bestseller after another. From Committed, her memoir about making her peace with the institution of marriage, to Big Magic, a book encapsulating her the joyful spirit she brings to her creative work, her works resonate profoundly with all of us who wish to confront heartbreak, tragedy and desperation with openness, imagination and wisdom.

In celebration of the release of her new novel City of Girls, she joined the How To Academy to explore her life to date. In this conversation with journalist Hannah MacInnes, she considered her thoughts on genius and creativity, sex and adventure, wonder and fear, leaving no stone unturned in her remarkable story.

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