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Scott Shapiro – The Dark Art of Hacking

The Information Age is built on precarious architecture, leaving states, companies, and individuals open to hacking. Scott Shapiro joins us to bust the myths and reveal the truth about viruses, espionage, and cyberwar.

Scott Shapiro is a professor at Yale who teaches the philosophy of law. He is also a hacker, and the author of a new history of hacking, cybersecurity and cyberwar called Fancy Bear Goes Phishing. In it, he sets out to answer three questions: Why is the internet so insecure? How do hackers exploit its vulnerabilities? And what can we do about it? If you’ve ever wondered whether hackers are all savants with black hoodies who can break into the pentagon from their basements, Scott is here to disabuse you of that notion, and reveal that the truth is a whole lot more interesting.

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