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Matthew d’Ancona – Why the Old Politics is Useless and What to Do About It

Political journalist Matthew d’Ancona’s issues a call to arms to challenge this age of political extremism, lazy populism and democratic torpor.

The old tools of political analysis are obsolete – they have rusted and are no longer fit for purpose. We’ve grown lazy, wedded to the assumption that, after ruptures such as Brexit, the pandemic, and the rise of the populist Right, things will eventually go ‘back to normal’. Award-winning political writer Matthew d’Ancona joins us with an invitation to think afresh: to seek new ways of challenging political extremism, bombastic populism and democratic torpor on both Left and Right.

In this week’s How To Academy Podcast, he will propose a new way of understanding our era and plots a way forward. With rigorous analysis, he argues that we need to understand the world in a new way, with a framework built from the three I’s: Identity, Ignorance and Innovation.


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