Elizabeth Gilbert Meets Julia Cameron – The Path to Higher Creativity

Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way has inspired millions to realise their passions – including Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert. Coming together for this podcast, they show us the path to a creatively-fulfilling life.

For more than thirty years, Julia Cameron has helped ordinary people and world-renowned artists alike discover their passions and transform their lives.

From Booker Prize winners like Anna Burns to world-famous musicians like Alicia Keys and Pete Townshend, actors like Reese Witherspoon and comedians like Russell Brand, the list of artists, innovators and creatives who cite a debt of gratitude to Julia Cameron and her bestselling creativity bible, The Artist’s Way is extraordinary.

An icon to anyone who has ever dreamed of living a truly authentic life, bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert would not have written Eat, Pray, Love without The Artist’s Way to guide her. Now Elizabeth joins Julia on the How To Academy Podcast exploring the wisdom and insight that have aided so many in their pursuit of passion, creativity and meaningful change.


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