Paul Krugman on the Future of Capitalism and Democracy | How To Academy

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Paul Krugman on the Future of Capitalism and Democracy

79 mins watch time

Economics, Politics

For more than forty years Nobel laureate, bestselling economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman has fought for a fair, just and liberal future.

Widely considered the voice of 21st century liberal thought both in the United States and across the globe, 2008 Nobel laureate for Economics Paul Krugman combines the erudition and insight of a renowned scholar with the immediate relevance, clarity and originality of thought expected of a columnist at the New York Times.

A former professor at LSE, Princeton, Yale and MIT, perhaps the world’s leading theorist of international trade relations, and a passionate advocate of a fairer and more democratic world, he joined the How To Academy to present his insights into the economics driving our public policy decisions.

In this talk with Tortoise editor, Guardian columnist and author Matthew d’Ancona, Krugman debunks the economic myths and lies that cloud political debate. Incisive, authoritative and accessible, this talk will arm you with a far richer understanding of the competing ideas and ideologies playing out behind the headlines.