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Matthew Syed – a Radical Blueprint for Creative Problem-solving

Where do the best ideas come from? In this week’s podcast, Matthew Syed takes Matthew Stadlen on a fascinating journey through the new science of creative problem-solving.

It’s time to think again about where the best ideas come from. Individual intelligence and homogenous teams are fine for addressing simple problems — but groupthink can spell disaster for more complex tasks.

That’s why Times columnist and former Olympian Matthew Syed advocates a brave new idea: Cognitive Diversity. In this week’s podcast, he reveals how cognitive diversity strengthens any company, institution or team, providing a powerful new tool for creative problem-solving that breaks down echo chambers and gives a competitive advantage to leaders willing to listen.

What’s the difference between the herd mentality and the wisdom of crowds? Why are so few problems solved in meetings? What do the CIA’s failings before 9/11, a communications breakdown on Mount Everest, and the differences between American and Japanese scientists have in common?

You’ll discover the answers to all these questions and many more in this week’s How To Academy Podcast.

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