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Matthew Green – A Journey Through the Shadowlands

From Old Winchelsea to Skara Brae, Matthew Green transports us to Britain’s shadowlands – the once thriving towns and cities that are now lost to time and memory.

Drowned by storms. Buried by sand. Requisitioned by the army. One of Britain’s most exciting young historians, Matthew Green has travelled the British Isles in search of the remnants of settlements that once adorned the nation’s map – until nature, disease, politics or economics reduced them to ruins. In this episode of the podcast, he shares stories of medieval boomtowns, an ancient settlement that predates the pyramids, and many more highlights that cannot be found in any contemporary tourist’s guidebook. In the face of climate change and other major historical forces, this tour of Britain’s shadowlands serves as a powerful reminder of the transcience not only of our own lives, but of the manmade world itself.

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