Martin Wolf – The World After the Pandemic

Revered by politicians and business leaders, the FT’s Martin Wolf may be the world’s most influential economic commentator. Matthew Stadlen seeks his insights.

Admired across the political spectrum for his level-head, independence and lack of dogmatism, Martin Wolf is far more than an astute analyst of global economic affairs. Through his columns in the Financial Times, books and documentaries, he is an opinion-maker deeply respected by business and political leaders, whose principled advocacy of the public interest inspires policy decisions across the anglophone world and far beyond.

Now, as the world economy collapses, he joins the How To Academy in conversation with How To Academy Podcast host Matthew Stadlen.

The world after 2020 will be very different from the world we left. But how? Will the pandemic lead to the greatest upheaval in the social contract since the second world war, the end of globalisation, the beginning of the Asian century? Will it lead to tax rises, inflation, further austerity?

Tune in and discover what the world’s preeminent financial journalist thinks about the world to come.

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