Helen Macdonald and Sin Blaché – Nostalgia is a Weapon

Described by its authors as ‘Barbie meets Oppenheimer’, Helen Macdonald and Sin Blaché‘s surrealistic speculative thriller Prophet interrogates our relationship with nostalgia and its stranglehold over our politics.

Helen Macdonald is best known for the award-winning memoir H is For Hawk and other distinguished works exploring our relationship to the natural world; their new novel Prophet is something very different but no less compelling – a speculative novel of ideas that will appeal to fans of literary science fiction and action thrillers as well as fans of Helen’s earlier work. Written in collaboration with the Irish-American musician and writer Sin Blaché, the novel tells the story of a biochemical weapon that creates physical manifestations of nostalgic memories – with consequences that are equal parts surrealist, horrifying, and politically explosive. We caught up with both authors last week and took the plunge into this stunning new work of imaginative fiction.

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