When the Wild Things Returned | How To Academy

Tue, 25 June 2024

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm BST

When the Wild Things Returned

Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell in conversation with Hannah MacInnes

Conservationists Isabella Tree and Charlie Burrell join us to tell us their inspiring story of their extraordinary rewilding experiment – and reveal how you can help bring wildness back into the world.

After years of running a failing farm in West Sussex, Isabella Tree and her husband Charlie decided to hand back control to nature. Slowly but surely, plants shot up, creatures crept in, and the landscape began to heal.

The area now hums with life and is home to some of the rarest species in Britain, such as peregrine falcons and purple emperor butterflies. Free from human intervention, the farm has become a safe haven for nature.

The story of rewilding Knepp shows how we can restore wildlife and tackle climate change. As they celebrate the release of Wilding, an inspiring documentary about their journey, don’t miss the opportunity to hear from two conservation pioneers and find out how you too can return the wild to the world around you. From urban parks to window boxes, back gardens to small holdings, we can all help stitch nature back together again, resuscitating the life-support system on which all species on this planet – including our own – depends.


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Isabella Tree

Award Winning Writer and Conservationist

Isabella Tree is an award-winning writer and conservationist, and lives with her husband, Charlie Burrell, in the middle of a pioneering rewilding project in West Sussex. She is author of six adult non-fiction books, including the bestseller Wilding. Her latest book, co-authored with Charlie, The Book of Wilding – a practical guide to rewilding big and small, is published by Bloomsbury. A children’s version of Wilding: How to Bring Wildlife Back, illustrated by Angela Harding, was published by Macmillan Children’s Books in March 2024.

Charlie Burrell

Rewilding Practitioner and Conservationist

Charlie Burrell is the co-owner of Knepp Estate. Charlie inherited the 3,500-acre estate from his grandparents in the 1980’s and is the inspiration behind the Knepp Wildland Project. Having run Knepp Home Farm for 20 years, Charlie had a dramatic change of heart after a visit to the Oostvaardersplassen project in Holland in the 1990s and saw the potential for a similar “rewilding” project at home in Sussex.

Charlie is chair of the Romanian rewilding project, Foundation Conservation Carpathia, and is on the board of Rewilding Britain, The Arcadia Fund, Ingleby Farms Environment Committee, the Endangered Landscapes Programme and the Bronze Oak Project.

Hannah MacInnes

Presenter, Podcaster and Host of How To Academy’s live programmes.

Hannah MacInnes is a broadcaster and journalist. Alongside hosting How To Academy’s live programmes and podcast, she presents a cultural show on Times Radio and interviews on-stage at a number of other major literary events. She is the host of The Klosters Forum Podcast series and has written for the Radio Times, the Evening Standard and TLS. Before going freelance she worked for 8 years at BBC Newsnight, as Planning Editor and as a Producer / Filmmaker.