What Would a Fair Society Look Like? | How To Academy


Wed, 3 April 2024

6:00 pm - 7:15 pm BST

What Would a Fair Society Look Like?

Vince Cable Meets LSE Economist Daniel Chandler

Our society is in crisis — culture wars, unprecedented dissatisfaction with democracy, vast inequalities, a climate and ecological emergency. LSE economist Daniel Chandler joins politician Vince Cable to share the answer.

John Rawls revolutionised philosophy, and is routinely compared to figures such as Plato, Hobbes and Mill – yet his distinctive vision of a fair society has had little impact on politics, until now.

One of the most exciting young thinkers in British politics today, Daniel Chandler joins Vince Cable to show how Rawls’s ideas can illuminate the path to a better future, building a careful and ultimately irresistible case for a progressive agenda that would reinvigorate democracy and transform capitalism.

With moral clarity and infectious optimism, he will bring together the most exciting ideas from around the world – taking in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre’s experiment with participatory democracy, the abolition of fee-paying schools in Finland, burgeoning global interest in a universal basic income and Germany’s model of worker co-management – and transform them into a coherent political agenda.

Praise for Daniel Chandler’s Free and Equal:

“A robust and inspiring case for the philosophy of John Rawls, dragging his theory of justice down from Harvard’s ivory towers and into the street with the people” – Zadie Smith

“Daniel Chandler provides us with the moral basis for an ambitious egalitarian agenda, and a roadmap for putting this into practice. It is a must-read!” – Thomas Piketty

“This book will meet a very important need, bringing philosophy and political economy together” – Amartya Sen

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Daniel Chandler

Economist and Philosopher, LSE

Daniel Chandler is an economist and philosopher based at the LSE. He has degrees in economics, philosophy and history from Cambridge and the LSE, and was awarded a Henry Fellowship at Harvard where he studied under Amartya Sen. He has also worked as a policy advisor in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit and at think tanks including the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Sir Vince Cable

Professor in Practice at the LSE

Rt Hon. Sir Vince Cable is currently Professor in Practice at the LSE. Formerly Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills in the Coalition Government from 2010-15; former Leader of the Liberal Democrats; MP for Twickenham for 20 years until retiring in 2019. Before parliament he was variously an academic economist, member of the Diplomatic Service, director of economic research (at the ODI, Chatham House and Commonwealth Secretariat) and Chief Economist for Shell. Recent books include: Money and Power; The Chinese Conundrum; How to be a Politician; The Storm; After the Storm; Open Arms (a novel). Business interests include being Director of Element 2 and Chair of the eFreight 2030 consortium.