Viv Groskop – How to Speak, Present, and Perform With Effortless Confidence | How To Academy

Tue, 4 July 2023

6:45 pm - 8:00 pm GMT

Viv Groskop – How to Speak, Present, and Perform With Effortless Confidence

Live on Stage in London

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The How To Own the Room star returns by popular demand to help you redefine what confidence looks like in life and work.

Everyone wants to be able to face challenging situations without feeling daunted, intimidated or stressed. But no-one wants to be labelled over-confident, arrogant or smarmy, or to get caught up in their own hype. So how can you feel authentically confident – without the cringe, and without pretending to be something you’re not?

An award-winning comedian, journalist, writer and presenter, host of the wildly successful podcast and book How To Own the Room and a frequent sell-out at How To Academy, Viv Groskop knows what it means to be confident and assured in front of a crowd – even when it doesn’t in any way come naturally. As a performance coach, she works with women and senior teams in business and media, helping them to redefine leadership and authority – and generally worry less about how they come across so they can actually just do their work.

Now she returns to teach us a new way of thinking about confidence and how you relate to yourself. It’s called ‘Happy High Status’. It’s how actors and comedians enhance their presence on stage and screen. It lends strength and energy to your interactions, big and small, and is a way of projecting status, minimising self-doubt and moving effortlessly through life.

Drawing on research, practical tips and lessons from the worlds of comedy, film, television, politics and sport, Viv Groskop will offer a masterclass in how you can access this new form of confidence at any time. All, crucially, with no risk of anyone thinking that you are your own biggest fan.

Praise for Viv Groskop’s Happy High Status:

“Viv always makes me feel more confident. Get the magic now in book form” – Katy Brand

“I recommend Viv Groskop to anyone wanting more self-confidence” – Phillipa Perry

“Reassuring, inspiring and wise – a practical handbook for anyone held back by self-doubt” – Julia Samuel

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Viv Groskop

Award-winning Writer, Comedian and Podcaster

Viv Groskop is an award-winning writer, stand-up comedian, playwright and TV and radio presenter. She is the host of the podcast How to Own the Room, with over 2 million downloads and guests including Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, Margaret Atwood, Professor Mary Beard, Nigella Lawson and very occasionally a man like Brian Cox (Succession’s Logan Roy). Her previous books include the best-selling How to Own the Room: Women and the Art of Brilliant Speaking, The Anna Karenina Fix, and Lift As You Climb: Women, Ambition and How to Change the Story.