Tom Holland – Live on Stage in London | How To Academy

Tue, 24 October 2023

6:45 pm - 8:00 pm GMT

Tom Holland – Live on Stage in London

Pax – War and Peace in Rome’s Golden Age

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The Rest is History star joins us to tell the story of Rome’s golden age – antiquity’s ultimate superpower at the pinnacle of its greatness.

From the Roman and Persian empires to the making of England and the rise of Christianity, Tom Holland is a storyteller whose range and erudition seem to be as unbounded as history himself. A wildly acclaimed and award-winning author of both history and historical fiction, his chart-topping podcast The Rest is History has ‘reinvented history for the modern age’ (Times) and made global superstars of Tom and his co-host Dominic Sandbrook, transporting us through time to the fall of Saigon, the battle of Salamis, and even the age of dinosaurs.

Now he returns to How To Academy to share the history of the Pax Romana. At its peak, the Roman Empire stretched from Scotland to Arabia, and contained perhaps a quarter of humanity. It was the wealthiest and most formidable state the world had yet seen.

Beginning in 69AD, a year that saw four Caesars in succession rule the empire, and ending some seven decades later with the death of Hadrian, Pax presents a dazzling history of Rome at the height of its power.

From the gilded capital to realms beyond the frontier, historian Tom will portray the Roman Empire in all its predatory glory. Vividly sketching the lives of Romans both ordinary and spectacular, from slaves to emperors, Tom will demonstrate how Roman peace was the fruit of unprecedented military violence.

Don’t miss this stunning portrait of Rome’s glory days – the epic history of the pax Romana.

Praise for the works of Tom Holland:

‘Terrific: bold, ambitious and passionate’ – Peter Frankopan

‘An exceptionally good storyteller with a marvellous eye for detail’ – The Economist

‘Tom Holland is fun to read, monstrously erudite, wickedly joyful, and ahead of the established consensus’ – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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Tom Holland

Historian and Broadcaster

Tom Holland is an award-winning historian, author and broadcaster. His bestselling books include Rubicon: The Triumph and the Tragedy of the Roman Republic, which won the Hessell-Tiltman Prize for History and was shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize; Persian Fire, which won the Anglo-Hellenic League’s Runciman Award; Millennium: The End of the World and the Forging of Christendom; In the Shadow of the Sword: The Battle for Global Empire and the End of the Ancient World; Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar; and Dominion: The Making of the Western Mind.