The Inequality of Wealth – Why It Matters and How to Fix It | How To Academy


Tue, 9 January 2024

6:00 pm - 7:15 pm GMT

The Inequality of Wealth – Why It Matters and How to Fix It

Liam Byrne MP In Conversation With Philip Collins

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Is equality possible? We are fast approaching the point of no return, but former Treasury minister Liam Byrne and Times columnist Philip Collins join us to explore a radical plan to fix things.

We are bequeathing to Generation Z a dystopian future of irreversible rifts between the super-rich and the rest that erodes the internal bonds of once united countries and triggers the failure or the fracturing of nations.

Yet it doesn’t need to be like this. The future could be a place where we live longer, happier, healthier and wealthier lives – but only if we master new ways of sharing wealth without war or revolution.

A cabinet minister in the last Labour government and the MP for Britain’s most income-deprived community, Liam Byrne has drawn upon conversations with world leaders, policymakers, and the experts at the OECD, World Bank, and IMF to develop proposals for the seemingly intractable problem of wealth inequality.

For anyone who has had enough of slogans and want to find real and meaningful solutions to the profound challenge of how we distribute wealth and resources, this is an unmissable event.

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Liam Byrne

MP and former cabinet minister

The Rt. Hon. Liam Byrne MP chairs the Global Parliamentary Network on the World Bank & International Monetary Fund. He served in the Cabinet in 10 Downing Street and Her Majesty’s Treasury. A Fulbright scholar at the Harvard Business School and Gwilym Gibbon Research Fellow at Nuffield College, Oxford, Liam has represented the most income-deprived community in Britain for the last 18 years and is the author of a major history of British capitalism Dragons: Ten Entrepreneurs Who Built Britain.

Philip Collins

Speechwriter and Times Columnist

Philip Collins is the author of five previous books, two novels (The Men From The Boys and Bobby Dazzler) and three works of non-fiction, The Art of Speeches and Presentations, When They Go Low, We Go High and Start Again. He is a Contributing Editor at the New Statesman and a Columnist for the Evening Standard having been, for thirteen years, a writer on The Times. Mr Collins is a former Chief Speechwriter for the Prime Minister Tony Blair. He is also the founder and Writer-in-Chief of a writing company, The Draft Writers.