Michael Frayn and Rebecca Frayn – Live on Stage in London | How To Academy


Mon, 17 June 2024

6:00 pm - 7:15 pm BST

Michael Frayn and Rebecca Frayn – Live on Stage in London

In Conversation With Jack Harries

Join three generations of a remarkable family: legendary playwright Michael Frayn, novelist Rebecca Frayn, and her son and Michael’s grandson, filmmaker Jack Harries.

The author of two of the greatest plays of the 20th century – Noises Off and Copenhagen – and novels including Spies and Skios, Michael Frayn has led one of the most remarkable lives in English letters. One of only a handful of writers equally gifted and celebrated as a dramatist and novelist, Frayn’s work fuses comedy, philosophy, history, and human psychology to extraordinary effect; now aged 90, he is both a great national writer of our time and looks certain to become a canonical figure in European literature. His memoir Among Others not only explores his career at the epicentre of our cultural life but the many great minds he has met along the way.

An award-winning screenwriter, novelist, and filmmaker, Michael’s daughter Rebecca is the author of Lost in Ibiza, a new novel exploring a father-daughter relationship in the fraught context of the climate crisis. In this live, on stage event, Rebecca and Michael will explore their real relationship and share their insights into the art of storytelling with her son and Michael’s grandson, Jack Harries – who is himself renowned as a documentary filmmaker, producer and activist with a global following.

This exclusive intergenerational conversation is unmissable for lovers of art and culture everywhere.

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Michael Frayn

Playwright and Novelist

Michael Frayn was born in London in 1933 and began his career as a journalist in the Guardian and the Observer. His novels include Towards the End of the Morning, Headlong, Spies and Skios. His seventeen plays range from Noises Off, recently chosen as one of the nation’s three favourite plays, to Copenhagen, which won the 1998 Evening Standard Award for Best Play of the Year and the 2000 Tony Award for Best Play. He is married to the writer Claire Tomalin.

Rebecca Frayn

Novelist and Screenwriter

Rebecca Frayn is a novelist, screenwriter, filmmaker and environmental activist.  Rebecca’s screenplays champion women’s stories including The Lady, about Aung San Suu Kyi, starring Michelle Yeoh, which was awarded the International Human Rights Film Award with Amnesty International. She also originated and wrote Misbehaviour, starring Keira Knightley, Jessie Buckley and Gugu Mbatha Raw. She is the author of two novels, One Life and Deceptions.

Jack Harries

Filmmaker and Presenter

Jack Harries is a documentary filmmaker, producer, and presenter. Over the past decade, Jack has built a career sharing films with a global audience. His work focuses on topics such as: climate justice, mental health and forced migration.