Marina Abramović – Live on Stage in London | How To Academy

Wed, 15 November 2023

7:45 pm - 9:05 pm GMT

Marina Abramović – Live on Stage in London

In Conversation With Tim Marlow

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Join us for a journey into the mind of the world’s greatest living performance artist, as Tim Marlow discovers the processes and impulses behind Marina Abramović’s daring and utterly original work.

For fifty years Marina Abramović has pushed her mind and body to their limits, creating many of the most striking and provocative works of art ever created.

Whether almost losing her life starting and walking into a fire, being stripped and attacked while passively allowing the public to manipulate her body, or sitting without interruption in MoMA for more than 700 hours for The Artist is Present, Abramović has repeatedly pushed the boundaries of art, endurance, and the relationship between performer and audience in ways that will continue to reverberate in our culture for decades to come.

Now she joins Design Museum CEO Tim Marlow live on stage in London to delve into the evolution of her art. Their conversation celebrates the publication of Nomadic Journey and Spirit of Places, a self-curated collection of notes, sketches, collages, poetry, and doodles made travelling the world. She says: “I believe we humans need to keep moving forward, and my own life was purely nomadic… My home was everywhere I went because my home was my own body.”

Don’t miss this chance to get an unprecedented glimpse into a brilliant mind in constant motion.

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Marina Abramović

Performance Artist

Marina Abramović has earned worldwide acclaim as a pioneer of performance art for more than fifty years. In 2012 she founded the Marina Abramović Institute (MAI), a platform for immaterial and long durational work to create new possibilities for collaboration among thinkers of all fields. She lives in New York.

Tim Marlow

CEO, Design Museum

Tim Marlow is Chief Executive and Director of the Design Museum in London. Formerly Artistic Director of the Royal Academy of Arts and Director of Exhibitions at White Cube, Marlow has been involved in the contemporary art world for the past thirty years as a curator, writer and broadcaster. He has worked with many of the most important and influential artists of our time to deliver wide-ranging and popular programmes and brings a commitment to diverse and engaging exhibitions to his new role showcasing the transformational capability of design.