Tue, 20 April 2021

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm BST

James Comey – Saving Justice

In Conversation with Peter Frankopan

Fired as the FBI Director by Trump in 2017, James Comey knows better than most what a force for good the US justice system can be – and how far afield it has strayed.

From prosecuting mobsters as an Assistant US Attorney in the Southern District of New York in the 1980s to grappling with the legalities of anti-terrorism work as the Deputy Attorney General in the early 2000s to, of course, his tumultuous stint as FBI director beginning in 2013, James Comey has dedicated his life to the pursuit of truth and justice.

Now, in the wake of the Capitol riot (“our Chernobyl… a 9/11 size failure”), and Trump’s second impeachment (“The Republican party needs to be burned down”), he joins How To Academy to sound a clarion call for a return to fairness, transparency and equity before the law.

Comey joins us at this pivotal time in his nation’s history to explore the past, present, and future of justice in America.

He says: “I’ve had the good fortune to work in government in Republican and Democratic administrations… and will share stories from my work that illuminate the vital core values of American justice and why we must overcome and repair the corrosive damage Trump and his underlings have done with dishonesty, cronyism, political payback, and amorality.”

Don’t miss this exclusive chance to hear from one of the most influential, respected, and distinguished figures in US public life today.

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James Comey

Former Director of the FBI

James Comey was sworn as the seventh director of the FBI on September 4, 2013. After he was fired as FBI Director, Comey held the King Lecture Chair in Public Policy at Howard University for 2017-18 and served as a Distinguished Lecturer in Public Policy at William and Mary for 2018-2019. In September 2020, his first book, A Higher Loyalty, was made into a Showtime limited series, The Comey Rule.

Peter Frankopan

Oxford Historian and Bestselling Author

Peter Frankopan is Professor of Global History at Oxford University. He is the author of The Silk Roads and its sequel, The New Silk Roads – both award-winning international bestsellers.