How to Write and Deliver Unforgettable Speeches – a Three Part Livestream Masterclass | How To Academy


Thu, 3 June 2021

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm GMT


How to Write and Deliver Unforgettable Speeches – a Three Part Livestream Masterclass

JP Flintoff

Drawing insights from Cicero, TED talks and his own experience on the speech-giving circuit, JP Flintoff is here to help you overcome anxiety and face any audience with confidence.

Most people dread speaking in public. Doing it online can feel even worse. Will your jokes fall flat? What if you freeze? Is it OK to read notes? How do I know if people are even listening?

This course will help you to think about it in a new way. You will learn to face any audience – big or small – with confidence and take your message wherever it needs to be heard, whether you want to inform, inspire or entertain.

This livestream course is for anybody who feels driven to be more entertaining, whether you wish to share a message with urgent international significance, or something less obviously “important”. From work presentations to wedding speeches, the skills imparted by author, improviser and communications trainer John-Paul Flintoff will empower you to speak with confidence.

Over three sessions, you will learn how to understand your audience, select and shape your material around your aims, polish your talk for best effect, and deliver your talk powerfully even – or especially – if you seem visibly nervous.

You will gain:

  • Inspiration and fresh ideas for engaging people online
  • Mastery of time-honoured rhetorical skills
  • Mastery of not-quite-so-time-honoured theatrical improvisation skills
  • A sense of community with other speakers, and a chance to practice

Praise for John-Paul Flintoff’s A Modest Book About How to Make an Adequate Speech:

“In America, Flintoff’s book would be titled The Indispensable Guide to Giving an Unforgettable Speech . Which would be absolutely accurate, if less modest.” – Jay Heinrichs, author of Thank You For Arguing

“I gave my first public speech at 15, at my Granny’s funeral, and I wish I’d had this book then. Not because it would have changed what I said, but because it would have reassured me. My words, though carefully chosen and sincere, were not what people expected. But they were adequate, and this book would have told me that this was OK. Had I had Jean-Paul Flintoff’s warm wit to guide me through my subsequent years of public speaking, I might have been a good deal better than adequate. Flintoff is erudite and playful and, despite the modesty, rigorous. This is about much more than adequate public speaking. It is about life. And it is great.”― Angus Cameron – Academic, Author and Voice & Performance Coach

“I absolutely loved this. What did I love? I loved the cheeky tone, the artless blurting, the pithiness, the constant breaking of the fourth wall and defying convention about how to write a how-to book. I loved the vulnerability and honesty. This is a subject which, as he says, has been written about many times before, but never with such refreshing chutzpah and humour. The book itself is a masterclass in its own subject.” ― Jenny Rogers, Executive coach, speaker, and author of Are You Listening?

JP Flintoff

Journalist, Author and Trainer

John-Paul Flintoff worked as a journalist for two decades (Financial Times, Sunday Times, The Guardian). His books, which include fiction, memoir and how-to, have been published in 16 languages worldwide. The latest is A Modest Book About How To Make An Adequate Speech. He teaches residential courses on how to write a memoir, at Arvon and elsewhere. As well as writing, he’s worked as a professional illustrator and theatrical improviser, and spoken on four continents to audiences of as many as 5,000 people at once.