How to Reclaim Our Humanity in the Age of AI | How To Academy

Mon, 15 July 2024

6:00 pm - 7:15 pm BST

How to Reclaim Our Humanity in the Age of AI

Neil Lawrence and Madhumita Murgia in conversation with Robbie Stamp

Cambridge DeepMind Professor of Machine Learning Neil Lawrence and Financial Times AI editor Madhumita Murgia investigate the profound consequences of Artificial Intelligence for humanity.

At the dawn of the age of intelligent machines, we find ourselves at a crossroads: either AI will be a tool for us, or we will become a tool of AI.

For Neil Lawrence, DeepMind Professor of Machine Learning at Cambridge, Artificial Intelligence offers us a new answer to that ancient question: what does it mean to be human? As we slice away at the facets of human intelligence that can be replaced by machines, AI uncovers what is left: an indivisible core that is the essence of humanity.

For Madhumita Murgia, the first ever AI Editor of the Financial Times, AI has already begun to change what it means to be human, stripping away our collective sense of agency and free will – and threatens to cause profound harm to individuals and wider society if we do not act now.

Neil and Madhumita are joined in conversation by Robbie Stamp: both a leading figure in the international movement to revitalise democracy and a friend and close collaborator of the late Douglas Adams, whose maverick vision of our relationship to technology continues to capture the imaginations of millions of us across the globe.

Considering the deep history of technology, our fraught present and the promises and perils of our near future, don’t miss this exclusive meeting of three singular and extraordinary (human) minds.

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Neil Lawrence

Cambridge Professor and Government AI Advisor

Neil Lawrence is the DeepMind Professor of Machine Learning at the University of Cambridge where he leads the university-wide initiative on AI, and a Senior AI Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. Previously he was Director of Machine Learning at Amazon, deploying solutions for Alexa, Prime Air and the Amazon supply chain. Co-host of the Talking Machines podcast, he’s written a series for The Guardian and appeared regularly on other media. Known for his policy and societal work with the UK’s AI Council, the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation, and the OECD’s Global Partnership on AI, his research focuses on improving data governance, accelerating scientific discovery, and how humans can take back control of large AI systems.

Madhumita Murgia

AI Editor, Financial Times

Madhumita Murgia is the first Artificial Intelligence Editor of the Financial Times and has been writing about AI, for Wired and the FT, for over a decade. Born and raised in India, she studied biology and immunology at Oxford University. She lives in London.

Robbie Stamp

AI and Governance Expert

Robbie is a Senior Fellow at Cambridge University, the Centre for Resilience and Sustainable Development and sits on the Advisory Board of DemocracyNext, an NGO supporting Sortition based Citizen Assemblies around the world. He is on the International Advisory Board of Past International which promotes and preserves Africa’s paleontological heritage promotes research and education about shared origins, diversity and stewardship. He works at the intersection of the Governance of human institutions and complex adaptive systems  especially now in relation to AI and is part of the members group, where he co-hosts the human embodiment channel.