How Capitalism Went Wrong | How To Academy

Fri, 14 June 2024

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm BST

How Capitalism Went Wrong

Ruchir Sharma In Conversation With Gillian Tett

Chairman of Rockefeller Capital and Financial Times columnist Ruchir Sharma joins Gillian Tett to share a capitalist’s guide to capitalism’s many problems – and what we can do to fix them.

What went wrong with capitalism?

Drawing on his decades of experience as a world-leading investor and FT columnist, leading financial analyst Ruchir Sharma offers an insider’s perspective, offering a critique of capitalism unlike any you have heard before.

Progressives are partly right when they mock modern capitalism as “socialism for the rich,” but what really happened in recent decades is that governments in developed nations expanded in just about every measurable dimension, from spending and regulation to the sheer scale of its rescues each time the economy wobbled.

The result, Sharma will explain, is “socialized risk,” expensive government guarantees, for everyone—welfare for the poor, entitlements for the middle class, and bailouts for the rich.

In conversation with Gillian Tett, Sharma will explain how our current system, so distorted by government interventions, is a dysfunctional version of free market ideals. But what can we do about this? The answer Sharma will illuminate is a series of fixes to restore the balance between state support and free markets, laying the path to a more prosperous and happier future.

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Ruchir Sharma

Chairman of Rockefeller International and Founder of Breakout Capital

Ruchir Sharma is chairman of Rockefeller International and founder of Breakout Capital, an investment firm focused on emerging markets. He moved to Rockefeller in 2022 after 25 years at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, where he was head of emerging markets and chief global strategist. Based in New York, he is a columnist at the Financial Times and a former contributing opinion writer at The New York Times. He is the author of four books, including the international bestseller Breakout Nations and the New York Times bestseller The Rise and Fall of Nations.

Gillian Tett

Award winning economic journalist

Gillian Tett is currently Provost of King’s College, Cambridge, while also writing a weekly op-ed column for the Financial Times on global finance and business. She was awarded an OBE for services to economic journalism in 2024. She is also a member of the FT’s Editorial Board, having previously been Chairman of the US Editorial Board and America Editor-at-Large. An anthropologist by training, she is the author of, among other books, Anthro-Vision: A New Way to See in Business and Lifeand the New York Times bestseller Fool’s Gold: How Unrestrained Greed Corrupted a Dream, Shattered Global Markets and Unleashed a Catastrophe. She continues to write columns for the FT. Gillian has received several awards in recognition of her work.