High on Life - How to Harness the Power of Six Key Hormones and Revolutionise Yourself | How To Academy


Thu, 1 February 2024

6:00 pm - 7:15 pm GMT

High on Life – How to Harness the Power of Six Key Hormones and Revolutionise Yourself

David JP Phillips

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Neurochemicals affect just about everything in our bodies, including how we think and feel. Join David Phillips and discover how to optimise your body’s chemical factory for lasting results.

David JP Phillips, an internationally acclaimed Swedish coach and TED superstar joins How To Academy to guide us through ways to harness the immense power of your mind and optimize your body’s chemical factory.

High on Life is a mood manual that will guide you through how to use these six key substances naturally produced by your body to create a unique recipe to transform your life.

If you’re struggling to feel motivated or finding it hard to enjoy the small things in life, learning how to balance dopamine will help you feel more motivated. Dialling up your oxytocin will fill your cup up with compassion, generosity and a sense of connectedness with the world and people around you. If the mood rollercoaster is something you desperately want to get off, focus on serotonin, the hormone that serves as a foundation of long-lasting happiness and harmony.

Feeling good but missing that extra nudge to challenge yourself a bit more? Cortisol produced in small doses can help you break out of your comfort zone – and get excited about it. When nothing really happens, anyone can get a little bit bored. Have a laugh, smile more, or sweat it out and get those endorphins flowing. Or if you want to walk into an important meeting oozing confidence, testosterone is your ally. Just be careful not to boost it when making important life decisions.

This is a talk is for everyone who longs to feel high on life – naturally.

Praise for David Phillips’s High on Life:

‘A hands-on manual for influencing human happiness through your own biology… It doesn’t get any better than this!’ – Thomas Erikson

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David JP Phillips

Coach and Author

David JP Phillips is an internationally acclaimed Swedish public speaker, author and coach who is passionate about helping people around the world develop how they communicate with each other. He has delivered multiple TEDx talks on topics including effective communication skills and the power of storytelling, which have over 11 million views combined. His best-known talk, ‘How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint’, also formed the basis of his first book of the same name, which was published in more than 30 languages.