David Brooks – How To Know a Person | How To Academy

Mon, 27 November 2023

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm GMT

David Brooks – How To Know a Person

In Conversation With Will Storr

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‘One of the most prominent public intellectuals of our time.’ (Washington Post), New York Times columnist David Brooks joins us with a guide to seeing others deeply – and being seen.

In a society riven by fragmentation, hostility, and misperception, How can we look somebody in the eye and see something large in them, and in turn, see something larger in ourselves? How can we foster deeper connections at home, at work, and throughout our lives?

The New York Times columnist and bestselling author of The Road to Character joins Will Storr to share a practical guide to understanding others and being understood in turn. Driven by his trademark curiosity, Brooks will draw from the fields of psychology and neuroscience, and from the worlds of theatre, history, and education, to present a welcoming, hopeful, integrated approach to human connection.

If you are going to care for someone, you must first understand them. If you’re going to hire, marry, or befriend someone, you have to be able to see them. If you are going to work closely with someone, you have to be able to make them feel recognised and valued.

For anyone searching for connection, seeking to understand, and yearning to be understood, this is an unmissable event.

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David Brooks

New York Times columnist and bestselling author

David Brooks is one of America’s leading writers and commentators. He is an op-ed columnist for The New York Times and broadcaster. He is the bestselling author of The Second Mountain, The Road to Character, The Social Animal, Bobos in Paradise and On Paradise Drive.

Will Storr

Author and Journalist

Will Storr is an author and journalist. His books include Selfie, The Status Game and the Sunday Times bestseller The Science of Storytelling. Previously, Storr was an award-winning longform journalist who specialised in human rights reporting in Latin America, Africa and the remote Aboriginal communities of Australia. His work appeared in the Guardian, the Sunday Times, the Observer, the New York Times and the New Yorker.