Thu, 2 February 2023

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm GMT

How to Deal With Toxic Managers and Difficult Colleagues

Gabriella Braun In Conversation With Isabel Berwick

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We have all endured the misery of working with poisonous people. Find out how to transform your relationship to toxic colleagues with Business and Wellbeing Consultant Gabriella Braun.

With over twenty years’ experience of using psychoanalytic thinking in consulting to teams and leaders, Gabriella will show how to respond effectively to difficult colleagues who make life at work miserable.

For more than twenty years Gabriella Braun has been taking psychoanalysis out of the therapy room and into the sta­ff room, using her in-depth knowledge of human behaviour and relationship dynamics to bring about meaningful change in her clients’ working lives.

Now she joins FT Editor of Work & Careers Isabel Berwick  to reveal how to respond effectively when difficult colleagues and managers are making life at work miserable.

Using real-life case studies, Gabriella will show how we can lower the temperature and lessen the distress, discussing a range of real-life situations such as bitter colleague rivalry, teams that cannot communicate, how what’s going on at home can directly affect how we behave in the office, and much more.

At a time when we are re-thinking the workplace, Gabriella will show that by taking human nature seriously, we can build more humane organisations where people and their work can thrive.

Whether you work with difficult people or fear that you may be a difficult person yourself, this livestream talk is here to guide you toward a better working life in 2023.

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Gabriella Braun

Business and Wellbeing Consultant

Gabriella Braun is the Director of Working Well, a consultancy firm specialising in helping leaders and teams use in-depth understanding of their dynamics and behaviour to bring about meaningful and sustainable change in their working lives. She has worked with hundreds of clients including the British Library, RADA, Tate, Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, University of Cambridge and Queen Mary, University of London. She has had psychoanalysis and holds a master’s degree in Consulting to Organisations using a psychoanalytic and systemic approach from the Tavistock Clinic. She was a Principal Consultant in the Tavistock Consultancy Service.

Isabel Berwick

Work & Careers Editor at FT

Isabel Berwick hosts the FT‘s Working It podcast about workplace trends, management and tricky work issues. She is the FT‘s Work & Careers editor, running its coverage of anything to do with how, where and why we work, as well as leadership and the future of work.