A Neuroscientist’s Guide to Positive Change | How To Academy


Thu, 23 May 2024

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm BST

A Neuroscientist’s Guide to Positive Change

Mariano Sigman In Conversation With Hannah MacInnes

Internationally bestselling Argentinian neuroscientist Mariano Sigman reveals how language and conversation can have a transformative power over our minds and our lives.

We have hundreds of conversations every week, yet rarely think about the words we use. But the way we describe ourselves and the world around us profoundly shapes our decisions, emotions and action.

Drawing from his extensive research in neuroscience and his role as one of the directors of the Human Brain Project, renowned Argentinian neuroscientist Mariano Sigman will reveal that our minds are much more malleable than we think. We retain the same ability to learn and change throughout our lives. By understanding this, we can rewrite our own narratives and break free from limiting beliefs.

Offering practical guidance for self-discovery, this talk will urge us to be open to the possibility of being wrong and to gain a fresh perspective on our own lives. By embracing conversations as a tool for growth, we can learn to communicate better with others and most crucially, ourselves, resulting in a more rewarding and successful life.

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Mariano Sigman

Cognitive Neuroscientist

Mariano Sigman is an internationally leading figure in cognitive neuroscience. He was one of the directors of the Human Brain Project, the world’s largest effort to understand and emulate the human brain. Sigman has worked with magicians, chefs, chess players, musicians, and fine artists to bring his knowledge of neuroscience to different aspects of human culture.

Sigman is the author of the internationally bestselling book, The Secret Life of the Mind, and has given several TED talks which have received millions of views online. His awards include a Human Frontiers Career Development Award, the National Prize of Physics and the Pius XI medal from the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

Hannah MacInnes

Presenter, Podcaster and Host of How To Academy’s live programmes.

Hannah MacInnes is a broadcaster and journalist. Alongside hosting How To Academy’s live programmes and podcast, she presents a cultural show on Times Radio and interviews on-stage at a number of other major literary events. She is the host of The Klosters Forum Podcast series and has written for the Radio Times, the Evening Standard and TLS. Before going freelance she worked for 8 years at BBC Newsnight, as Planning Editor and as a Producer / Filmmaker.