Mary Portas – How To Thrive in the New Kindness Economy

In 2021, it’s not only possible to build healthy businesses that do less bad and add more good – it’s a commercial imperative. Mary Portas is here to show us how.

Mary Portas loves business. Fundamentally, she lives and breathes it. What she loves best about it is making businesses work. But in this week’s podcast, she argues that we’ve been doing it wrong.

Rampant consumerism has been driving the economic machine and we have put the pursuit of profit above all else. Over the past thirty years the business of what we buy has been dominated by the biggest, fastest and cheapest.

But those values no longer resonate. We’ve come to realize that more doesn’t equal better. How we live, buy and sell is changing. The post-pandemic era is all about care, respect and understanding the implications of what we’re doing.

This ‘Kindness Economy’ is a new value system where in order to thrive businesses must understand the fundamental role they play in the fabric of our lives. They need to add, not just grow, balancing commerce with social progress. Because we don’t just want to buy from brands – we want to buy into them.

Mary is here with expert insight for businesspeople of all stripes, with invaluable advice for making money and building back post-pandemic.


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