Jane McGonigal – How to See the Future Coming

Game designer, futurist and TED superstar Jane McGonigal explains how imagining the future can help us to adapt to change – and be ready for anything.

Futurist Jane McGonigal creates games that predict and simulate hard to imagine futures. In this episode of the podcast, she teaches us to think like futurists and become more resilient to future shocks – both in our personal lives and when we are faced with unfolding global events. She shows us that ‘unimaginable’ events aren’t unimaginable before they happen. It is possible to see them coming and feel ready for anything, even things that seem impossible today.

By learning to think the unthinkable and imagine the unimaginable we can better plan for a future we’d like to see. And by seeing what’s coming faster, we can become more optimistic agents of change.

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