Jameela Jamil and Michael Schur – How to Be Perfect

Jameela Jamil and Michael Schur join us to explore the question of their hit series The Good Place: how can we live a more ethical life?

How can we live a more ethical life? This question has plagued people for thousands of years, but it’s never been tougher to answer than it is now, thanks to challenges great and small that flood our day-to-day lives and threaten to overwhelm us with impossible decisions and complicated results with unintended consequences.

The Good Place was the smash hit Netflix comedy that made moral philosophy fun. In this week’s podcast, series creator Michael Schur and its star Jameela Jamil join us with a foolproof guide to making the correct moral decision in every situation you ever encounter, anywhere on earth, forever.

This episode includes some unfiltered swearing. If you would prefer a bleeped version, you can find it here.

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