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Thursday, 29 September 2022

How To Write a Life Story: a Five-Night Retreat in Trasierra, Spain

Taught by award-winning biographer Frances Wilson

Your life is an extraordinary and unique story that deserves to be set to paper. But writing that story need not be the project of a lifetime. Join us in the heart of Spain this Autumn for a writer’s retreat with a twist.

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Tuesday, 4 October 2022

How To Boost Your Memory – A Two-Part Masterclass

Phil Chambers

Do you struggle to remember names, memorise speeches, or remember where you left your phone? World-renowned memory expert Phil Chambers is here to make forgetfulness a thing of the past.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2022

How to Master Business Storytelling – a Two Part Livestream Masterclass

Andreas Loizou

How can you spread your message with originality and style? Learn how to excel in creative communication for business with award-winning consultant and author Andreas Loizou.

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Thursday, 6 October 2022

How To Create a Hit Podcast – a Three-Part Masterclass

Edie Lush & Guests

Anyone can launch a podcast – but with two million other shows competing for listeners, you will need an edge to turn an idea into a chart-topper. Renowned broadcaster Edie Lush is here to help.

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Friday, 7 October 2022

How To Write Children’s Stories – a Three-Part Masterclass

Philip Womack

From Barrie to Blyton, Dahl to Rowling, the storytellers we encounter in childhood shape the adults we become. Learn how to enchant young minds in this three-part online course.

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