Give the Gift of Ideas

A How To Academy gift is something very special. From Nobel laureates to Pulitzer Prize winners, the lucky recipient will hear from the world’s most influential voices – and discover new ideas for changing lives, communities, and society as a whole.

We offer gift options to suit every budget. Choose between a How To + subscription granting access to our upcoming livestreams and past events, or a digital Gift Card to suit your budget. You can find a range of digital Gift Cards below, or find out more about a How To + subscription here.

We also offer bespoke Gift Cards for businesses to offer staff and clients – please contact us to find out more.










About the How To Academy Gift Card

– The Gift Card can be redeemed only one ticket at a time.

– The Gift Card is redeemable against all How To Academy events.

– The Gift Card can be used multiple times until the full value of the card has been spent.

– There is no expiry date for the gift card.