Wed, 3 March 2021

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm GMT

Why Women Are Poorer Than Men – And What We Can Do About It

Annabelle Williams

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Economies thrive when women do well. So why is there still a wealth gap between the sexes, and what can we do to close it?

What if you knew you would earn less than men for the rest of your life?

From pensions to the tampon tax, bearing children to boardroom bullying, the modern world is rigged unfairly in men’s favour. Everyone knows about the pay gap, but most people don’t realise that women have less money saved, find it harder to buy a home, struggle to raise funds to start a business and bear the brunt of cuts to government spending. Great economic inequality still exists between men and women.

In this livestream event, financial journalist Annabelle Williams will uncover how society conspires to limit women’s wealth – and empower you with the knowledge to solve financial inequality between the genders for good.

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Annabelle Williams

Journalist and Editor

Annabelle Williams is a journalist and editor who specialises in investing, economics and consumer affairs. Previously a columnist at The Times, Williams has appeared on live TV, radio and panel debates talking about her passion for the finance inequality between genders.