Fri, 6 November 2020

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm GMT


What Is Life?

Sir Paul Nurse In Conversation With David Malone

The Nobel laureate and preeminent scientist joins us with ‘a nearly perfect guide to the wonder and complexity of existence’ (Bill Bryson).

What Is Life? It’s a question that Nobel prize winning geneticist, Director of the Francis Crick Institute and former President of the Royal Society Sir Paul Nurse has been thinking about for his entire life.

He joins How To Academy to reveal the answers. Taking us on a journey of discovery through the five great building blocks of biology — The Cell, The Gene, Natural Selection, Life As Chemistry and Life as Information — he will reveal how all living beings are connected.
Employing his gifts not only as a scientist but as a storyteller, this talk will bring child-like excitement to even the most jaded among us.

Praise for Sir Paul Nurse:

‘A beautifully written exploration of perhaps the most important question in science. I felt I was being given rare access to a truly deep understanding of a complex and profound subject. This is the best introduction to modern biology I’ve read.’ Brian Cox

‘…The writing is so spirited and knowledgeable — and the five sections so full of wondrous revelations — that I could not put it down. This is a book that will inspire a generation of biologists.’ Siddhartha Mukherjee

‘A masterful overview of biology that draws together big ideas, luminous details and personal insights. You emerge with a more profound sense of wonder about the diversity, complexity and interconnectedness of living organisms. It’s the biggest question in biology. And this book represents the best answer I’ve ever seen. Paul Nurse is a rare life-form – a Nobel-winning scientist and a brilliant communicator.’ Alice Roberts

The event takes place at 6:30pm GMT and includes access to a replay video available 48 hours after the event to enjoy with no time limit.

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Paul Nurse

Nobel Prize Winning Geneticist and Cell Biologist

Paul Nurse is a geneticist and cell biologist who has worked on how the reproduction of cells is controlled. This process is the basis of growth and development in all living organisms. He is Director of the Francis Crick Institute in London and has served as Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK, President of Rockefeller University and President of the Royal Society. He shared the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and has received the Albert Lasker Award and the Royal Society’s Royal and Copley Medals. He was knighted in 1999 and received the Legion d’honneur from France in 2003 and the Order of the Rising Sun from Japan in 2018. He served for 15 years on the Council of Science and Technology, advising the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and is presently a Chief Scientific Advisor for the European Union and a trustee of the British Museum.

David Malone

Award-winning Science Filmmaker

David Malone is a filmmaker and TV presenter whose documentaries include Testing God, Soul Searching (both Channel 4), Dangerous Knowledge and The Secret Life of Waves (both BBC). He is the author of The Debt Generation.