The TWIN Global 2023 FINALE | How To Academy



Fri, 2 June 2023

8:30 am - 1:00 pm BST

The TWIN Global 2023 FINALE

The Three Horizons of the 21st Century: VR, Space & Radical Longevity

One morning to envision the rest of the 21st Century.

This century, humanity opens two transformative horizons: Outer Space and Virtual Reality. Meanwhile, science offers the possibility of far longer lives. We’ll live into these new worlds while potentially living decades longer. How might we best navigate? How can we expand access while simultaneously confronting the risks?

Join The World Innovation Network (TWIN Global), in partnership with How To Academy, for the FINALE of our annual summit to explore these questions. You’ll join some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, artists, non-profit leaders and policymakers.

Designed and hosted by Professor Robert C. Wolcott of both the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. We’ll discuss:

Life in Virtual Reality  

Our Lives in Space  

The Neuroscience & Perception of Invented Worlds

 The Science & Implications of Radical Longevity  

The Science of Happiness

Our journey takes place at The Royal Institution. Explore the rest of this century from the stage where Michael Faraday presented scientific breakthroughs that gifted humanity Promethean access to electricity—without which our current digital revolution would have been impossible.

Tickets for our TWIN Global FINALE Tickets are free. We do ask though, if you can ‘pay what you can’ to the For Wellbeing charity. A registered non-profit that supports the psychological well-being of the Ukrainian people through the war and beyond. Details are in the Donation Information section.

In Partnership with TWIN Global

Barbara Belvisi

Founder & CEO
Interstellar Lab

Alexandre Roulin, Ph.D.

Ornithologist & Professor of Biology
University of Lausanne

Andrea Bravo, Ph.D.


Sten-Kristian Saluveer

Head, Cannes NEXT
Cannes Film Festival

Dylan Taylor

Founder & CEO
Voyager Space Holdings

George Danos

Cyprus Space Exploration Organization

Nely Galan, Ph.D.

Emmy Award Winning Media Entrepreneur
Founding President, Telemundo USA

Rick Tumlinson

Founder & CEO
Founder, EarthLight Foundation

Bruce Hood Ph.D

Professor of Developmental Psychology in Society,
Bristol University,
Fellow, The Royal Institution

Douglas Vaughan, M.D.

Director, Potocsnak Longevity Institute
Irving S. Cutter Professor of Medicine
Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern University

Rashid Mansoor

Founder & CEO

Christine Mohr, Ph.D.

Professor in Cognitive Psychology
University of Lausanne

Harold O’Neal

Pianist, Composer
Strategic Story Advisor, NASA

Robert C. Wolcott, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Chair
TWIN Global
Adjunct Professor of Innovation
The University of Chicago
& Northwestern University