Wed, 26 August 2020

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm GMT


Terra Incognita – How To Survive the Next 100 Years

Ian Goldin

Join the founding Director of the Oxford Martin School for ‘a riveting account of humanity’s most pressing challenges and innovative solutions’ (Steven Pinker).

Map-making is an ancient impulse. From the moment homo sapiens learnt to communicate we have used them to make sense of our surroundings. But as Albert Einstein once said, ‘you can’t use old maps to explore a new world.’ And now, when the world is changing faster than ever before, our old maps are no longer fit for purpose.
Based on decades of research, and combining mesmerising, state-of-the-art satellite maps with enlightening and passionately argued analysis, Oxford professor and former Policy Head for the World Bank, Ian Goldin, joins How To Academy to reveal the insights of his new book Terra Incognita: exploring humanity’s impact on the planet, and the ways in which we can make a real impact to save it, and to thrive as a species.
You’ll learn about: fires in the arctic; the impact of sea level rise on cities around the world; the truth about immigration – and why fears in the West are a myth; the counter-intuitive future of population rise; the miracles of health and education that are waiting around the corner, and the reality about inequality, and how we end it.
Join us as Professor Goldin traces the paths of peoples, cities, wars, climates and technologies, all on a global scale.

Praise for Ian Goldin’s Terra Incognita – 100 Maps to Survive the Next 100 Years:

‘Fascinating, beautiful, alarming and revelatory use of mapping and infographics’ Stephen Fry
‘An indispensable read. Ian Goldin and Robert Muggah´s hypnotic maps surprise and amaze. This book offers a future-looking guide to navigate our uncertain times. Offering an unflinching account of our challenges and ways to fix them, it will leave you optimistic about the future.’ Arianna Huffington
‘A riveting account of humanity’s most pressing challenges and innovative solutions, fusing mesmerizing maps and compelling analysis to help navigate our complex future.’ Steven Pinker
‘A stunning account of our fast-changing world. Earth Time is a wake-up call and blueprint for future change. Ian Goldin and Robert Muggah´s extraordinary maps offer an entirely new perspective on some of our most urgent environmental and geopolitical conundrums.’ Francis Fukuyama, New York Times Bestselling author of The End of History and the Last Man

Ian Goldin

Professor of Development and Globalisation, University of Oxford

Ian Goldin is Professor of Development and Globalisation at the University of Oxford. He was economic advisor to President Mandela, Vice President of the World Bank and the founding Director of the Oxford Martin School, which brings together over 300 Oxford faculty members to address global challenges. He is a regular keynote speaker on Ted, Google, Zeitgeist and at Davos.