Wed, 15 September 2021

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm BST

Smart Work – The Ultimate Guide for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Jo Owen

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How can leaders, managers and team members raise their game to meet the challenges of leadership in our new age of remote working?

In a world still adjusting to the impact of the pandemic, remote and hybrid working is new territory for most people. But it is not a temporary shift, it is a paradigm shift: and the future belongs to those who navigate the transition successfully.

The founder of eight NGOs with combined turnover £100 million pa, including the UK’s largest graduate recruiter, Teach First, Jo Owen is not only an award winning management theorist: he practices what he preaches. Now he joins How To Academy to reveal the global best practices for the world of work and leadership after the pandemic.

Office-based, face-to-face leadership, while certainly effective, is often more informal and ad hoc and a number of basic management tasks can be much harder to complete remotely, including managing workloads and performance, training, motivation and resolving miscommunications.

In this livestream event, Jo will explain how every member of a remote team can raise their game to meet the challenges of remote working, either as a team member working primarily online, a departmental manager who has to adjust to managing people via video screens, or an employer who is looking to create the most effective and productive working environment for their staff.


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Jo Owen

Social Entrepreneur and Leadership Author

Jo Owen is a founder of eight NGOs with combined turnover above £100million pa, including Teach First which became the largest graduate recruiter in the UK. He has worked with over 100 of the best, and a couple of the worst, organisations on our planet. He is the only person to win the Chartered Management Institute Gold Award four times for his books. His titles include How to Lead, Global Teams, Resilience, Mindset of Success and Tribal Business School. His career highlights include becoming the best nappy salesman in Birmingham, putting the blue speckle in Daz, and getting sued for $12 billion.