Wed, 12 May 2021

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm BST

Sir Michael Barber – How To Achieve Ambitious and Challenging Things

In Conversation With Diana Fox Carney

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What if there were a roadmap for success, helping you to navigate obstacles and reach your destination? Sir Michael Barber helps Prime Ministers to deliver and guides elite athletes to victory. He joins us to share his insights.

Michael Barber has spent many years advising governments, businesses and major sporting teams around the world on how to achieve ambitious goals on time. From John Major to Boris Johnson, he worked with six consecutive British Prime Ministers on government delivery, and advises the FA and Team Sky. Now he joins How To Academy to apply the wisdom he has gained from dealing with large, complex organizations and elite athletes to help anyone tackle their most challenging goals.

Drawing on the stories of historic visionaries and modern heroes – from Galileo to Rosa Parks, Gareth Southgate to Justin Trudeau – he will blend personal anecdote and proven strategy to trace a blueprint that can be applied to any area of life.

At the core of his strategy is the need to remember the ethical basis for what you have set out to do. Doing the right thing for the right reason is the reward that will see you through the criticism and setbacks. So whatever it is that you aspire to do – run a marathon, transform a school or run a public service for millions – this book will inspire you to get going and to bridge the gap between vision and reality.

Praise for Sir Michael Barber’s Accomplishment: How to Achieve Ambitious and Challenging Things:

“An excellent analysis which reveals that high accomplishment has a signature pattern that reoccurs from sport to politics to business to government. Few people are better placed to describe this pattern than Michael Barber, who has stellar achievements in all of these fields.” – Matthew Syed

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Sir Michael Barber

Global Expert on System Delivery and Change

Sir Michael Barber is a global expert on the implementation of ambitious change in large, complicated systems. He has advised governments on every continent and worked with major private sector organisations, schools and universities in Britain and the US. In addition, Barber has advised Team Sky, the elite cycling team and, since 2016, he has been a member of the Football Association’s Technical Advisory Board, which helps the FA prepare England’s teams, both men and women, for major tournaments.

Diana Fox Carney

Public Policy and Climate Expert

Diana Fox Carney is a broad thinker and frequent webinar host with a particular focus on climate and clean tech. She has held leadership roles in think tanks in Canada and the UK, and works with both NGOs and the private sector to identify pathways towards a better future.