Sun, 20 June 2021

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm BST

Rose McGowan – The Brave Truth

In Conversation With Charlotte Gunn

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Activist, artist, author, director, musician, former actor and Time magazine Person of the Year, Rose McGowan, tells stories from her extraordinary life.

Born into an infamous cult, The Children of God, and coming of age in another: the cult of Hollywood, Rose McGowan joins us to tell never-before-heard, no-holds-barred stories about her unique life experiences.

From the horrors of Hollywood to creating the cultural reset that became known as #Metoo, Rose wants to show the world that no evil is too powerful to be toppled.

Turning her back on Hollywood in her thirties after years of abuse at the hands of some of the world’s most powerful men – including Harvey Weinstein – she left the glitz and glamour of the movie industry behind for a simpler life in the jungles of Mexico, fighting global injustice from afar, her fearlessness starting conversations and sending ripples across the newsrooms of the world.

With the mission for every human being to become 10% better, Rose’s message is one of bravery and resilience. Now, in anticipation of her new podcast series, The Brave Truth, Rose joins former NME editor Charlotte Gunn to share incredible stories with her trademark brand of passion, fearlessness, and humour.

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Rose McGowan

Artist, Activist and Former Actor

A writer, director, musician, entrepreneur, and feminist whistle-blower, Rose McGowan focused a spotlight on injustice and inequality in the entertainment industry and beyond. Rose held lead roles in films such as Scream, Jawbreaker, and Planet Terror. She starred on the series Charmed, one of the longest-running female-led shows in TV history. Her directorial debut, Dawn, was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Charlotte Gunn

Journalist and Editor

Charlotte Gunn is the founder and editorial director of The Forty-Five, a new music publication dedicated to supporting female talent and creating a more gender-balanced music industry. She is the former editor of NME and has been a journalist for the likes of The Face, Red and Marie Claire.