Tue, 5 July 2022

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm BST

6 Queen Square

Play Chess Against a Grandmaster – A Live, In-Person Event

Raymond Keene

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Join Britain’s legendary Grandmaster Raymond Keene for a simultaneous exhibition match, after which he will explain where you went wrong – assuming you lose…

Only the second ever Briton to become a Grandmaster, Raymond Keene is not only one of the greatest players this country has ever produced, representing the nation in tournaments for more than twenty years – he is also one of its most passionate advocates, organising some of the most important matches ever to take place in England and promoting the sport tirelessly in print and screen.

Now we are thrilled to give you the chance to test your knowledge and skill against a truly formidable opponent. In this simultaneous exhibition, Raymond will play up to twenty participants at once. We won’t be using time clocks – so you have plenty of time to think through your move. After the matches have concluded Raymond will analyse your performance so you can learn some new tricks.

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Raymond Keene

Chess Grandmaster

Raymond Keene OBE is an English chess grandmaster, journalist and author. He won the British Chess Championship in 1971, and was the first player from England to earn a Grandmaster norm, in 1974. In 1976 he became the second Englishman to be awarded the Grandmaster title, and he was the second British chess player to beat an incumbent World Chess Champion. He represented England in eight Chess Olympiads.