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Tue, 15 June 2021

3:00 pm - 5:15 pm BST

How to Protect Your Privacy Online

Adam LeBor

This highly interactive and practical masterclass by journalist and author Adam LeBor will teach you to stay anonymous, private and secure as you uncover rich seams of hidden knowledge online.

Taught to journalists on national newspapers and professional authors alike, Adam LeBor’s masterclass in Open Source Intelligence will transform the way you conduct research online.

As a former foreign correspondent for The Economist, The Times and Independent and the author of acclaimed non-fiction, including investigations into Bernie Madoff’s pyramid scheme, the shadow world of global finance, and a biography of Slobodan Milosevic, few have more expertise in how to uncover hard-to-access information in the digital world and protect your privacy while doing so.

You’ll learn to

  • Use a VPN to cover your tracks, so as not to be logged and tracked
  • Understand IP addresses
  • Use privacy based search engines such as Duckduckgo and Startpage
  • Understand internet privacy and the necessary steps to ensure it
  • Take a deep dive into Google via search strings and parameters
  • Search within websites for document types, words and phrases
  • Use instant disposable email addresses
  • Travel back in time via the Wayback machine
  • Harness little known databases and resources
  • Securely store research via resources such as Fireshot
  • Conduct reverse image searches
  • Operate on the internet in any language via Google Translate

Whether you’re an investigative reporter or aspiring novelist, civil servant or university lecturer, this masterclass is a rare opportunity to learn how to take advantage of the benefits of our digital age — without sacrificing your privacy.

This talk takes place at 3:00pm GMT.

Adam LeBor

Author and veteran former foreign correspondent for The Economist, The Times and The Independent.

Adam LeBor is the thriller critic of the Financial Times and the author of fourteen critically-acclaimed books, including eight non-fiction works and six novels in the crime and thriller genre. He is a tutor with the Arvon Foundation, Britain’s leading literary charity, the Moniack Mohr creative writing centre, and is currently writing a detective series set in Budapest. Kossuth Square, the most recent volume, was a 2019 Times Top 100 book of the summer.