Wed, 24 March 2021

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm GMT

Meeting the Sacred – Trauma and Healing in the Peruvian Rainforest

Matthew Watherston In Conversation With Hannah MacInnes

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In the Peruvian Amazon, healers of the Shipibo tribe practice the time-honoured rituals and intricate practices of their ancestors, preserving their knowledge and identity in the 21st century.

Two hours by boat and trek from the Peruvian city of Iquitos, indigenous healers of the Shipibo tribe work with western facilitators to bring about profound psychological transformation in their guests, initiating a long-term journey of self-reflection and self-discovery.

Dissatisfied with his life and place in the ego-driven competitive world of business, Matthew Watherston abandoned his career to begin anew in the Amazon rainforest, immersing himself in the traditional medicine of the region and becoming an apprentice to traditional healers, or Onanya.

His centre for traditional plant-medicine shamanic healing, The Temple of the Way of Life, has hosted figures such as documentarian and former Royal Marines commando Bruce Parry and integrative health physician Dr. Gabor Mate, creating a sacred space for guests to benefit from ancient traditions and experience deeper awareness of our inner lives.

In this livestream, In Conversation event, he will share his story and knowledge of ancestral medicine, exploring how the tools developed at the centre may form a new paradigm for healing.


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Matthew Watherston

Founder, Temple of the Way of Light

Matthew Watherston is the founder of the Temple of the Way of Light, Alianza Arkana and The Chaikuni Institute. His work focuses on building relationships with pioneering medical professionals and research scientists and exploring ways to interface traditional medicine with clinical therapy, specifically to support integration of ayahuasca treatment during and after retreats.

Hannah MacInnes

Presenter, podcaster and host of How To Academy’s live programmes.

Hannah MacInnes is a broadcaster and journalist. Alongside hosting How To Academy’s live programmes and podcast, she presents a cultural show on Times Radio and interviews on-stage at a number of other major literary events. She is the host of The Klosters Forum Podcast series and has written for the Radio Times, the Evening Standard and TLS. Before going freelance she worked for 8 years at BBC Newsnight, as Planning Editor and as a Producer / Filmmaker.