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Mon, 25 September 2023

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm BST

Leadership in Turbulent Times

Alex Hill, Amanda Goodall, Chris Hirst, Scott Morrison, Benoit Bergeret.

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In this half-day conference, five thought leaders and entrepreneurs share their insights into the present and future of business and innovation.

How will Artificial Intelligence transform creativity, communications, and even the very code upon which our digital age is built?

Why do most startups fail within two years while other organisations thrive for centuries?

What makes a leader credible to their staff, clients, and the market – and what happens to those who fail the test?

With major economic and geopolitical upheaval no longer a rarity but part of the fabric of everyday life, how can a leader successfully navigate constant change?

For business leaders, these questions are not simply theoretical; understanding the answers and what they mean for your organisation is essential if you are to lead it through the most disruptive age since the industrial revolution.

This forum brings together leaders, thinkers, and consultants from some of the world’s most prestigious brands, organisations, and business schools to share insights into navigating our turbulent times.

Drawing upon empirical research and their own first-hand leadership experience at major companies, our experts will share strategies for facing the challenges of the 2020s head-on, giving you the tools you need to face down the competition and ensure your organisation not only survives, but thrives.

Guest speakers include creative powerhouse Scott Morrison, who ran the Nike business at W+K before becoming Commercial Director of Levi’s, Activision, and Diesel; change agent Chris Hirst, the former Global CEO of Havas Creative; Bayes Business School Professor of Leadership Amanda Goodall; Benoit Bergeret, one of Europe’s leading experts on the role of AI in business; and Professor Alex Hill, who directs the Centre for High Performance – a collaboration between Oxford, Duke, LBS, and Kingston.

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Alex Hill

Director, The Centre for High Performance

Amanda Goodall

Professor of Leadership, BBS

Scott Morrison

Former Commercial Director of Levi’s, Activision, and Diesel

Chris Hirst

Former Global CEO, Havas Creative

Benoit Bergeret

Leading Technologist