Sat, 26 June 2021

10:00 am - 10:45 am BST

Inkspots with Kate Gilby Smith

Author of The Astonishing Future of Alex Nobody

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What if you were famous, but you didn’t know why? Kate Gilby Smith is here to take you on a mind-bending, time-travelling, hair-raising adventure.

On the day Alex was born, crowds surrounded the hospital.

On her first day of school, people spied from the gates.

And recently, strangers came to watch her perform in her school play … as the llama.

Then a mysterious boy named Jasper starts at school and he alone seems to know the answer. But before he can tell Alex, he disappears … into the year 2100.

Join author Kate Gilby Smith as she tells the astonishing tale of a reluctant heroine who must dive into the future to find her friend, and herself.

The Astonishing Future of Alex Nobody is an exciting mystery for readers aged 8+ about finding the courage to embrace our talents even when they make us stand out.

If you have wondered what it would be like to dive into the future, don’t miss this talk. You will have a chance to all about Alex’s adventure from Kate, and also about Kate’s own adventure becoming a writer. Maybe one day you could be famous for writing your own story.


Inkspots is a new series of free, weekly livestream events connecting young minds with their favourite authors and storytellers. Join live on Saturday mornings or watch a replay at your leisure.

This event is held in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, an independent charity working with schools and communities to give disadvantaged children the literacy skills to succeed in life. You can find out more about their work, access their resources and donate here.

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Kate Gilby Smith


Kate Gilby Smith was born on the sunny island of Guernsey. It was daydreaming during a philosophy of time travel seminar at Edinburgh University that she first had the idea for this story. She now works as a publicist at a London publisher of science, philosophy and history books.