Thu, 26 November 2020

10:00 am - 11:00 am GMT

How To Write Fiction – A Three-Part Interactive Course

Adam LeBor

Everyone has a story to tell. In this series of interactive workshops you’ll learn how to make that fantasy a reality, with expert tuition from acclaimed novelist and critic Adam LeBor.

Author of six critically-acclaimed novels and eight non-fiction books, former Fleet Street foreign correspondent Adam LeBor is one of the country’s most experienced and sought-after editorial and creative writing teachers. In this three-part interactive masterclass, he will teach you the fundamentals of compelling storytelling.

Whether your creation is pure fantasy or inspired by your own life, you’ll learn to use a straightforward and practical framework for creating fiction at any length – be it short-story, novella or full-length novel.

There is no need for any specialist knowledge of literature or writing, or previous experience. It’s a course of workshops for everybody who would like to write fiction or simply improve their story-telling skills.

Each workshop will focus on one aspect of the basic building blocks of creative story-telling:

Thu 26th Nov: Session One
The basic framework: conflict as story engine, obstacles, climatic event and resolution. Creating a complex protagonist and antagonist.

Thu 3rd Dec: Session Two
Creating the narrative arc for your protagonist and antagonist – building their back story and current relationship.

Thu 10th Dec: Session Three
Putting your protagonist and antagonist in a scene together. Using dialogue to show character and move the story forward.

These highly interactive workshops will give participants a toolkit with which to create rounded, engaging characters and start their interaction as part of the story’s narrative arc. Participants will also increase their understanding of how other fictional narratives are constructed, which will bring an extra dimension to their own reading and viewing.

Adam LeBor

Author and veteran former foreign correspondent for The Economist, The Times and The Independent.

Adam LeBor is the thriller critic of the Financial Times and the author of fourteen critically-acclaimed books, including eight non-fiction works and six novels in the crime and thriller genre. He is a tutor with the Arvon Foundation, Britain’s leading literary charity, the Moniack Mohr creative writing centre, and is currently writing a detective series set in Budapest. Kossuth Square, the most recent volume, was a 2019 Times Top 100 book of the summer.