Tue, 2 November 2021

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm GMT


How to Unleash Your Creative Potential

Laura Rubin

You have a creative voice. When was the last time you heard it? What does it sound like? How often do you make the time to listen to it? This workshop will help you tune in to the deep wellspring of creativity inside you.

Laura Rubin is on a mission to help everyone connect with their innate creativity. A passionate champion for the written word, she joins us to help you put pen to paper and jump-start your imagination.

Whether you’re looking to hone your personal voice, happen to be stalled with a looming deadline, have a project in the wings you haven’t been able to get started or generally want to boost your creative output, Laura brings her years of experience as a journalist, editor, creative director and journaling expert to help you find your voice and get unstuck.

What businesses and individuals have to say:

“Laura made everyone feel extremely comfortable from the start and fostered a unifying sense of creativity. Her workshop brought us closer together and helped revitalize our team’s approach to creative work. I highly recommend the experience. It’s been valuable both personally and professionally.”
— Zach Weisberg, Founder and CEO of The Inertia

“A single AllSwell workshop helped me see new opportunities in my business and where I was ignoring several quadrants of my life. The time and money invested had a 10x return in both profit and happiness.”
— Adam Rosante, Fitness Expert & Performance Coach

“Laura facilitated a wonderful experience for First Media’s first big marketing team bonding. The team was able to build intimacy without feeling forced or inauthentic. Laura held the space for everyone to express their voice, share stories and open up. It really set the tone for our new team and was the perfect exorcise to juice up our creative energy!” 
— Jocelyn Johnson, serial entrepreneur and SVP, Global Brand @ First Media. 

“As a photographer, I’m first and foremost a visual person but without a form to express what my work is about so much can get lost in translation. The AllSwell workshop reminded me that sitting with pen and paper is a beautiful way to remind myself the meaning of my own thoughts. Laura made the process feel both challenging and fun. I walked away from the experience feeling inspired.”

— Ryan Struck, Photographer

“One of the most enjoyable gatherings in recent memory. I love the way you lead, the questions, dialogue… the passages! Watching that discovery of such an obvious act that we’ve lost to our frantic lives is like finding sunken treasure. Thank you for having me along.”

— Beth O’Rourke, Filmmaker

Laura Rubin

Journalling and Creativity Coach

Journaling expert Laura Rubin is the founder of AllSwell, a company dedicated to fostering analog expressions of creativity as a means of supporting mental wellbeing. As a corporate refugee (Ernst & Young, USA Networks, Inc.) and successful entrepreneur (leading her own marketing consultancy for a decade and a half), Rubin is equally comfortable navigating boardrooms and working with groups of creatives. A published journalist and editor, she recognized the power that the writing process provides when applied to the self. Rubin initially launched AllSwell with a series of blank write-draw notebooks as an antidote to digital overwhelm. From media companies to high-visibility consumer brands, Rubin now leads workshops and provides coaching to help organizations and individuals become healthier, happier and more visionary.